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Victor Fan with Hou Hsiao-hsien, BFI 2015

Photo by 攝影師:Li Cheng-yen 李政諺

Cinema 電影

Torch 火炬 (2004; no dialogue 無對白;45‘)

I made this film in the winter of 2004 for a piece of music composed by Missy Mazzoli. The original film was about 45-minute long, but the original file was nowhere to be found. This clip was saved as a sample for my personal website back in 2005 and is the only fragment from the film that survives.

這部電影是2004年為Missy Mazzoli製作的一部電影。片長原為45分鐘。但原片已經不存。這個片段是2005年為本網站而剪出來的樣本,也是本片現存的片段。
The Well 井 (2000; Japanese with English subtitles 日語對白/英語字幕;25'10")
A Japanese soldier who has suffered from humiliation by his officer, is captured by Soviet soldiers in Mongolia and being thrown into a well, where he meets his worst enemy before his inevitible death.
​Film festivals 參與影展:
NewFilmmakers, Anthology Film Archive, NYC, 2000; São Paolo International Film Festival, 2000; 3rd Price, Student Long Narrative, Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, 2000; First Annual Film Festival, KCLS-TV, LA, 2000; New Japanese Cinema, Sony Music's Celebration of Asian Heritage and Culture, Japan Society, NYC, 2001; Nagisa Oshima Retrospect, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY, 2001
Mother 母親 (2001; Cantonese with English subtitles 粵語對白/英語字幕;12'42")
Originally shot in 1997, Mother begins with a study of my relationship with my own mother and ends with a questioning of Hong Kong's relationship with its motherland, China. The video features Super 8 footage of the city before the turnover.
Pa'––A Video Journal on Pier Paolo Pasolini 帕索里尼日誌 (2001; no dialogue 無對白)
[excerpt only 只供片段]
A journey to Friuli, Rome and Ostia to trace the steps that Pier Paolo Pasolini left in his poetry.
Game of Youth 青年遊戲 (1997; no dialogue 無對白)
[excerpt only 只供片段]
At the blink of the Tienanmen Square Incident in 1989, a late teen couple is trapped in their procrastination as they try to make the choice between growing up, acting up, and being young, enjoying life as it is.
Fission (1995; no dialogue 無對白)
A young man tries to decide whether or not he would tell his boyfriend that he has been tested HIV+. He travels through a journey of childhood memory and nostalgia. The film features a brief scene in which we hear sounds from his childhood over a black screen.
Two Or Three Men I'd Like to Pick Up -- But Not Quite Work 我喜愛的幾個男人:不是喜劇 (1995; English and Cantonese dialogue with English subtitles 英語粵語對白/英語字幕)
A documentary on how British-Asians defined their sexual and racial identities with a mixture of two cultural discourses that are unfriendly to the sexually and racially others. The video features a protest of the London gay activist group, OUTRAGE.
Film festival 參與影展:
Fringe Festival Hong Kong 1996 一九九六年香港藝穗節
A Nineteen-Year-Old's Fever 十九歲的微熱 (1996; English dialogue 英語對白)
An interview of a young man, Thomas Ohki, who talks about how his life has changed ever since his mother passed away, over a series of deliberately manipulated images.
​年輕人Thomas Ohki在母親過世後談及他對人、事的觀感。
A Nineteen-Year-Old's Fever 十九歲的微熱 (Victor Fan, 1996)
Paper Boat (1996; no dialogue 無對白)
It is another poetic study of gay men facing HIV at that time. Two men seal their love with a paper boat on the beach. One of them find out that he has contracted HIV and eventually passes away.
Pumpkin Flower (Victor Fan, 1996)
Pumpkin Flower (1996; Korean dialogue with English voiceover 韓語對白/英語配音)
A documentary that tells the story of Kyung Soo Cha, an ex-fighter for Korean independence during the colonial period.
​Kyung Soo Cha講述年少參與韓國獨立運動的記憶。
Jacket (1996; no dialogue 無對白)
A man hangs onto the jacket left by his sex partner and suffers from an infatuation by a man who is afraid of commitment.
Jacket (Victor Fan, 1996)
Footsteps on the First Fall of Snow (Victor Fan, 2003)
Footsteps on the First Fall of Snow (2003; no dialogue 無對白)
An experimental short expressing my feeling of love towards my lover, Bob, through superimposed images and repitition.
Others 其它
Besides directing, Fan also worked as a sound editor and rerecording mixer for a number of years in Los Angeles and New York, under the auspieces and generous support of Eric Lau from Solar Film/Video Productions. He is currently preproducing a documentary.
​除導演意外,范氏曾於其恩師劉志明(Solar Film/Video Productions)指導和幫助下,於洛杉磯和紐約兩地擔任聲音間接和混音工作。
Victor Fan, Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan, and Tony Rayns at Chinese Visual Festival 2019 (BFI NFT1).
Film Festivals 電影節

Chinese Visual Festival was an annual film and visual-art festival based in London, featuring independent films and contemporary art from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Sinopone regions. Fan served as Film Consultant of the film festival from 2013–21, with a special focus on the Vision Taiwan unit. He also curates a queer programme, Cinema Comrade, within the festival. Fan has also worked with other film festivals around the world in various capacities.


Victor Fan, Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan, and Tony Rayns at Chinese Visual Festival 2019 (BFI NFT1).

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