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Concert Pieces (2002-05)

Symphony No. 1: Point Dume (completed; revision in progress)

Dance (2008), chamber orchestra and the zhongruan

Touch (2007), string quartet

Confessions (2006), SATB

Ancient Dreams (2nd Edition, 2005), orchestra

Floating Cloud (2004), piano concerto

Thomas (2003), piano solo

Nell'azzurro (2002), recording, NYC

Film Scores 1995-2002

Danny Boy, (Devika Bhagat, 2002): honky tonk

These Wild Woods, (Chris Halmo, 2001; Berkeley FF): orchestra; harp and woodwind

The Void, (Debbie Abrahamson, 2000; Art FF, 2000): sakuhachi; crystal glasses; bells; acoustic sound

The Well, (Victor Fan, 2000; Anthology Film Archives; São Paolo International Film Festival; 3rd Price, Long Narrative, Ft. Lauderdale FF; Japan Society [Selected by Sony Music], 2001; George Eastman House, Nagisa Oshima Retrospect, 2002): orchestra; flute and guitar; gongs

Motorcycle, (Adrian Assarat, 1999; Sundance; Cannes; Rotterdam; Berlin; Venice): dongxiao and string orchestra

Jacket (Victor Fan, 1996): piano

Concert Pieces (1992-96; performed at Eastman et al.)

The Death of Juexin , alto flute and interactive media, performed also at The Gao Brothers––Cruel Story of Desire, McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Center, 1996; funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

He Comes, He Dreams, He Goes, orchestra, 1996

Penis Rams into a Vagina, tape, 1996

Ancient Dreams (1 st Edition), string orchestra, 1995

Three Pieces for the Viola, solo viola, 1995

Goodbye, Derek, Goodbye, solo piano, 1995

Scenes from the Eyes of a Commuter, tape, 1994

The Bright Room of Roland is Empty, tape, 1994

Gossip, piano, 1993, performed at McAulay Studio

100% Love Song, baritone, piano, erhu, pipa, performed at McAulay Studio, 1993

Zhongruan Sonata, performed at McAulay Studio, 1993

Intermezzo, performed at McAulay Studio, 1993

Awards and Special Performances

Winners of competitions in the Hong Kong School Music Festival: zhongruan (open), sanxian (open), and cello sonata (piano)

Tours to Singapore and Australia with the Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra

Performed with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra for Queen Elizabeth II

Guest of Honour in Governor David Wilson's reception of Hongkong young musicians