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Fission (1995)

A young man tries to decide whether or not he would tell his boyfriend that he has been tested HIV+. He travels through a journey of childhood memory and nostalgia. The film features a brief scene in which we hear sounds from his childhood over a black screen.

Two Or Three Men I'd Like to Pick Up -- But Not Quite Work (1995; Fringe Festival, Hong Kong, 1996)

A documentary on how British-Asians defined their sexual and racial identities with a mixture of two cultural discourses that are unfriendly to the sexually and racially others. The video features a protest of the London gay activist group, OUTRAGE.

Commandment (1996; Fisher Gallery, Rochester, NY, 1996)

An hour-long gallery piece. A Chinese woman from Shanghai tells the story of her husband spying for Japan during the War in China (1937-1945). It is interwoven with a man telling the story of his search for his male lover, who leaves without a note one morning. The video consists of a series of still images that evoke ideas of desire, betrayal, and decadence.

A Nineteen-Year-Old's Fever (1996; U of Rochester, 1996)

An interview of a young man, Thomas Ohki, who talks about how his life has changed ever since his mother passed away, over a series of deliberately manipulated images.

Paper Boat (1996)

It is another poetic study of gay men facing HIV at that time. Two men seal their love with a paper boat on the beach. One of them find out that he has contracted HIV and eventually passes away.

Pumpkin Flower (1996)

A documentary that tells the story of Kyung Soo Cha, an ex-fighter for Korean independence during the colonial period.

Jacket (1996)

A man hangs onto the jacket left by his sex partner and suffers from an infatuation by a man who is afraid of commitment.

Game of Youth (1997)

See clip of Game of Youth

At the blink of the Tienanmen Square Incident in 1989, a late teen couple is trapped in their procrastination as they try to make the choice between growing up, acting up, and being young, enjoying life as it is.

The Well (2000; NewFilmmakers, Anthology Film Archive, NYC, 2000; São Paolo International Film Festival, 2000; 3rd Price, Student Long Narrative, Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, 2000; First Annual Film Festival, KCLS-TV, LA, 2000; New Japanese Cinema, Sony Music's Celebration of Asian Heritage and Culture, Japan Society, NYC, 2001; Nagisa Oshima Retrospect, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY, 2001).


A Japanese soldier who has suffered from humiliation by his officer, is captured by Soviet soldiers in Mongolia and being thrown into a well, where he meets his worst enemy before his inevitible death.



Pa'––A Video Journal on Pier Paolo Pasolini (2001)

See Clip of Pa'––A Video Journal on Pier Paolo Pasolini

A journey to Friuli, Rome and Ostia to trace the steps that Pier Paolo Pasolini left in his poetry.

Mother (2001)

See clip of Mother


Originally shot in 1997, Mother begins with a study of my relationship with my own mother and ends with a questioning of Hong Kong's relationship with its motherland, China. The video features Super 8 footage of the city before the turnover.

Footsteps on the First Fall of Snow (2003); Firehouse, New Haven

An experimental short expressing my feeling of love towards my lover, Bob, through superimposed images and repitition.



Art Film, dir. Chris Murray, 2002 - Documentary: Australian Television

An East Village artist finds his apartment ransacked by the police. This instigates a controversy among the art circle. His friends tell the filmmaker how they see the incident and how they think about the man himself.

Death of An Industrialist––A Family History, dir. David Beamus, 2002 - Documentary

Director David Beamus tells the story of his great grandfather, Howard Beamus from the point of view of his own journals and photographs as the rise and fall of an American dream.

Shoot George, dir. Adam Nedler, 2002 - Narrative: Greenpoint Film Festival

George, a man who writes an anti-violent screenplay, finds a gun left at his door one night and is forced to use violence to resolve his own problems.

I Hate São Paolo, dir. Luiz Eduardo Barros, 2002 - Narrative: São Paulo International Film Festival, 2003

A stock market trader loses his money and wife in a financial crisis and discovers the truth about his father's political activism and persecution during the dictatorship.


Among Others, dir. by Trac Vu, 1997 - Narrative: Sundance '98

A Vietnamese-American male hustler meets a man whose lover is dying of AIDS.

The Void, dir. Debbie Abrahamson, 1998 - Narrative: Art Film Festival '00

See clip of The Void

A woman travels through her inner and outter landscape to find herself.

Waking Mele, dir. Anne Misawa, 1999 - Narrative: Sundance '00

See clip of Waking Mele

A brother and sister try to bring their father ashes to their mother's place and experiences loss and self-destruction.

Warm Like Pearls, dir. Emi Macuaga, 1999 - Narrative: Human Rights Film Festival '00, NY Short Film Festival '00

In the land where music is banned, a girl sings for her freedom.

The Well, dir. Victor Fan, 2000 (see the entry above)

Bliss, dir. Thomas Meyer, 2000 - Narrative: WorldFest, Houston '00

See clip of Bliss

A man tries to find his ex-girlfriend in a weekend Hollywood party filled with superficiality, drugs, and anonymous sex.

Heavenly Host, dir. Bernadette Anderson, 2000 - Narrative: MOXIE FILMS '01

A girl will not let her younger sister to play with her unless she steals a host from the priest.

These Wild Woods, dir. Chris Halmo, 2000 - Narrative: Berkeley Film Festival '01

A boy experiences his first feeling of trust and intimacy with an unknown girl.

Lay Me Out A Plate, dir. Nick Harder, 2001 - Narrative

An arrogant Englishman travels to Soviet Ukraine to search for an unknown species of butterfly, only to find himself tricked into an unpleasant adventure with a hunted pregnant prostitute.

Wet Floor, dir. Andrew Cambria, 2002 - Narrative: Project Greenlight Finalist '02

Based on a true story, two robbers hold up a convenient store at night and end up shooting themselves by accident. The clerk and the customers decide to pocket the money and tell the police a completely different story.

Myra, 2002 - Narrative

A girl attempts to revenge for her divorced mother as her father decides to leave the house for his girlfriend.

Danny Boy, dir. Devika Bhagat, 2002 - Narrative

An arrogant English rockabilly bass player loses his bass in a taxi whose Indian driver he humiliates. He searches through the city for his bass.

O Beautiful, dir. Alan Brown, 2002 - Narrative: Boy's Life 4

After a humiliating gay bash, a boy finds himself helped by another boy and with whom they develop trust and intimacy, who later on turns out to be one of the gay bashers.

Wallsie Pants, 2002 - Narrative

A high school laughing stock wants to find a girl who is willing to go to his graduation dance.

A Boy and A Girl, dir. Evan Greenberg, 2003 - Narrative

A man who never takes anything seriously wants a girl who has always been in love with his music.


MAGIX Campaigns, MAGIX, Germany, '99-00 - MTV, MTV Euro

See MAGIX "MAGIX Music Maker - I've Made It"


Vick Latino "80's Now," Miro Production, '02 - MTV, MTV2, VH1, ESPN


Rio, American Montage, '01 - Documentary:

A documentary on freedom and sexuality when Rio lifted the ban on frontal nudity in its carnival